Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinterest Wednesday: Flaunt your flautas

In an effort to make my weeks less hectic, I'm trying to do more meal planning and cooking ahead. Now, that might seem unrelated to this post because I definitely did not cook any part of these ahead BUT I COULD HAVE and might in the future. I mention it because even though I was a bit lax on my prep work, these were quick and easy and done in about 25 minutes baking time included. That is not bad. And the 15 minutes it took them to cook was just enough time to clean the kitchen, which was rad. So the theme of this post is: I was starving, I didn't plan ahead super well, and these still turned out great.

 The first example of my not planning well was that the tortillas were frozen. Oops! But, pro tip here, if your tortillas are frozen and you are preheating the oven, spread those babies on top of the stove and they will be thawed in time for you to fill them with flauta goodness!

Thank you, iphone for these terrible pictures.
 So then I mixed up my business. I used frozen corn from this summer's CSA which was still frozen when I mixed this up and was just fine. I left out the peppers because I didn't have any and I didn't do any sort of "mexicorn" like the recipe calls for (click on the first picture to get to the pin which you can then click through to the complete recipe). It's called winging it, people. I also completely forgot cheese which explains why these were pretty low calorie when I did that calculation. They were good without it but I will add it next time if I remember.

So, you're pretty clearly supposed to use smaller tortillas, because the ends got kind of burny after 15 minutes and there was a lot of extra tortilla but other than that these were totally delicious, pretty filling, quick to make, and there are lots of opportunities to make parts of this ahead of time if you are so inclined. They were also relatively inexpensive, so I'm calling it a win all around!

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