Monday, August 26, 2013

Phoning in the weekend 8/26/2013

It was the kind of weekend that started with some scotch. It was a crazy, crazy week and a busy weekend. But with such fun activities who can complain? Not this girl!
But I did take what time I could to relax Friday night. I ate some Annie's mac and cheese and snap pea crisps and watched some British TV (Landgirls anyone?) and knit some dish rags.
The next morning my sister Laura and I picked blueberries. It was a beautiful day to be outside!
We picked A LOT of blueberries!
Then we stumbled upon a junk/antique store and had a calling dibs fight over this cart. I won! I also would have gotten this:
But it seemed ever so slightly impractical. And expensive. But COME ON! That was hard to walk away from.
Then I went to the hardware store and got supplies for crafts. I was outside on the porch almost all day painting.
Work in progress, first coat!
Then outside all evening at a cozy bonfire.
The next day we went dress shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my cousin's wedding. My sister stuck this veil in my bangs and put that crown/ribbon thing on. She is not to be trusted in a bridal shop.

Not pictured: my living room full of half finished projects, washing my car (black car, what was I THINKING?!), no dishes getting done at all all weekend, the resulting shambles my house is in.

What activities did you do this weekend?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Phoning in the Weekend, 8/12/2013

I met these Boston Terriers at a Pet Palooza I randomly ended up at on my way to a friend's wedding this weekend. Saturday was kind of the weirdest, best day ever. The little jumpy licky one was only 4 months old. I almost tucked her under my arm like a football and ran away, but I resisted.
Also at the Pet Palooza? Fair animals. I pet this huge bunny and some sheep. And a goat bit Erica. There will be more details on our Locust Street Craft blog later today.
 It was such a great day! Bunnies and Bostons and one of the loveliest weddings ever. Yay!
 Scheming and negotiating shenanigans.
 One of the best (if not prettiest) dirty martinis I've ever had.

 Seriously the greatest picture of all time. Did I mention Saturday was the most fun day ever?
Sweet Loki defending her tennis ball while her humans Jenelle and Derek and I rang in Jenelle's 30th birthday with midnight martinis. 

Not pictured: dancing to this with my niece Evelyn: