Friday, August 20, 2010

And a very ragey Friday to you, sir!

You guys. Happy Rage Friday.

If you've never celebrated a Rage Friday before, let me introduce you to the concept.

The History of Rage Friday:

One rainy Friday morning, two library pages were on desk duty at the local public library. Bleary eyed (and probably a little hungover), they stood (slouched) waiting for a patron. Suddenly, from the Community room came shreiks and growls and all manner of carrying on. The door flew open and 25 children with paper dinosaur heads came roaring (literally) out. The children's librarian followed, also wearing a paper dinosaur head and offered the hapless pages some left over muffins (maybe cupcakes, there is much debate in the lore of Rage Friday). The pages ate the muffins (cupcakes, whatever) and so commenced a strange day, filled with weekend anticipation and public library shenanigans. The strangeness of the day was blamed on the cupmuffins which were thought to be infested with the Rage of the roaring dinosaur-child hybrids and from that day on, whenever a Friday started with a treat and got weirder and weirder until it ended with whiskey shots at the Bird, that day would be known as a Rage Friday. Fin.

One page was me and the other was Jason, a legend for  his slacker abilities (shelf-reading, napping, same thing, right?) and three piece suits. I think the best thing about Rage Friday is that it's a surprise holiday. For example, today I got up and did my normal morning routine: trip over cat, go for run, shower, coffee, oatmeal, make lunch, rush out the door. Everything seemed normal at work too, just another Friday. Then BAM! someone says, "Hey there are donuts in the next office if you want one, and hey did you know that both of our bosses are going to a meeting and there's hardly any work to do?" and before I know what hit me, I'm eating a double chocolate doughnut from Robaires and riding the sugar high into another wacky day.

Whiskey, anyone?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dance Party Thursday

Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday, my most favorite day of the week! The weekend is all stretched ahead with only one more piddly day of work in my way. Thursday is the day I catch up on a week's worth of DVRed Daily Shows, Colbert Reports, Dirty Jobs, and Mythbusters, the day I don't do any chores, the day I knit a whole sock (I hope) because I have a Friday deadline set. Thursdays are for after work cocktails and getting into pj's immediately after coming home.

Let us all dance with ELO in honor of Thursdays!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was feeling a little bummed out at work, so I Googled "cheer up" because Google is my first response for most problems when I have the office to myself. At first it was all schlock with flowers and bunny rabbits. But then I saw this:

Now that is a cheering image. I repeated "Cheer up, Emo Bush" to myself until I got to my car and could drive away from work listening to this song:

I'm tellin' ya. Google knows what's up.