Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Surprise There's an Airplane Here to See You Friday

I want to pitch a fit this glorious someday at work:

And I wouldn't mind it if Don Draper were there to drag me out of work for some day drinking.


I hope you  have a lovely holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

There are no words

My friends. I have no words for what I'm about to show you other than these, "I found this. It made my day. I will never be the same again."


I was going to try to save this for another blog post even just until tomorrow but I could not selfishly keep this from you. 

I'm sure this will be featured prominently again at Christmas as well as when Downton Abbey returns to PBS. 

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Even though I work on Fridays causing Thursdays to loose just a bit of their luster, I still love 'em. There's still the feeling of "weekend's coming..." and today I'm extra excited because I get to go to my first ever League of Women Voters meeting! I am so excited about joining the LWV because I am always looking for more ways to get involved in my community, it's an election year, and...well...because The League of Women Voters sounds a little bit like something that would be in a Sherlock Holmes story which appeals to me greatly.

Anyway, this doesn't have anything to do with the LWV or Sherlock Holmes but it does have to do with being a video that always cheers me up and that I can't quite believe I never posted on this blog before.

My weekend plans include a lot of writing, yoga, a mani/pedi with my mom and sisters, a fundraiser/concert (which if you live in the mid-Michigan area you should seriously consider coming out to. The music will be fantastic and the money is for a good cause.), more writing, maybe beginning training for a 5K (yikes!), some knitting, and then dinner at my parents.

No rest for the wicked. What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vacation Dreaming

I. am. busy. I am not complaining, because truly wonderful, amazing, thought-they'd-never-happen, things are happening to me and I love it. But my body and mind are weary and I just tried to pour instant coffee into my travel mug without removing the lid. Dumb

(Side note: I don't like instant coffee usually, but via is actually pretty damn good and has saved me on more than one sleepy afternoon.)

And as I work steadily away and run errands and exercise and get up too early and work too late into the night and can't sleep once I get into bed I find my mind wondering to a happy place. And if I can't go there right now, at least I can indulge myself and take myself on a short, written vacation.

To a place

Where I can leisurely drink mug after mug of coffee in my pj's on a deck with a book and my journal near by.

Where the air is cool in the morning and cool in the evening and warm and breezy in the middle of the day.

Where I can relax and drink a smoothie on a sunny porch and talk with friends.
Where is Trick Dog Art Gallery

Where I can take a mid-day snooze in my bathing suit next to Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Beach

Where I can cook outside and laugh with my family.

Where we can sip beer with limes in it late into the night.

Where I can curl up with my book and listen to the bugs and animals of Northern Michigan through an open window and fall asleep whenever I get drowsy.

I swear to you I can hear the waves of the lake and they are saying, "Soon.Sooooon. Soon."

(none of these images are mine (sadly) and are all linked to their source)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Thur...Friday!

I forgot to wish you all a happy Thursday! For shame! But Happy Friday, everyone! Here's what I've had on almost constantly while working today:

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm up to this week

This week, I'm trying to get a good perspective going. I catch glimpses of it now and again: viewing life as more organic than linear, accepting and learning from my mistakes instead of vilifying myself, enjoying my life despite (and sometimes even because of) its imperfections, making goals, establishing values. It's much easier to watch 4 episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford in one sitting and eat 2 big bowls of Fruit Loops (and I've been doing that, too, so don't you worry) but picking myself up off the couch and reminding myself of the things I like in my life is so worth it.

Inertia is such a powerful thing: the longer I sit and mope the more I want to sit and mope. If I can just get myself to start one task, suddenly I'm whistling and cruising around the house getting things done. Enjoying the ride.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To do...and do again

I realize I haven't followed up on the last to-do list post but I just wrote another to-do list and it's too good to not share.

1. Call JoAnns
2. Craft night reminder
3. Clean for Ladies Night.
4. Pick up groceries for Ladies Night and Library Potluck PAINT CHIPS!
5. Peep diorama. Knives, peep, yarn, and stuffing.
6. Where are we on Docline?
7. Reorganize AV project.
8. Call Papa--> Thurs?
9. make hair appointment.
10. take Grandma her books.
11. make hair appointment.
12. Pay Rent
15. figure out LVW potluck stuff
16. good foodie pen pal stuff together

Yeah. Starts out normal enough and then suddenly I'm screaming at myself to get paint chips, seemingly for a potluck. Also, two potlucks on one to do list (and one grocery bill) is two too many, I'm thinking. I don't really know what "good foodie pen pal stuff together" is, but it's not English or a useful instruction. And can you tell I need to get my haircut? That was not a cute device to remind myself how badly I need to get a haircut. I just noticed that it was on my to-do list twice (and only one item apart) when I went to write "make hair appointment" for what would have been the third time had I not noticed the other two times. That was my main motivation for posting this list, by the way. That and the words: Knives, peep, yarn, and stuffing.

You're welcome.

P.S. See how pay rent is number 12? Yesterday while eating a sugar cookie for dinner I realized I forgot to pay rent yet this month. Then I went to the movies and ate the second course of my dinner: popcorn. So don't let that last post I wrote make you worry that I might be too grown up. There's still a young degenerate inside this ol' body.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Grown Up Thursday

Happy Thursday, one and all!

Tonight I am going to Kalamazoo to see my good friend Noah and I'm psyched! My mapquest directions are printed, my bag is packed, there is an extra heaping bowl of cat food and instructions for the cats not to scarf it all down today (yeah, right), and I'm ready to hit the road!

I was reflecting this morning how adult I feel lately. The other day I looked around the kitchen and thought, "Sweet holy moses (this is an edited version of what I thought), I bought all of this food. I did. Me. I make my own meals and buy the food and...oh my golly (so edited) I'm responsible for myself!" It was this overwhelming awareness of everything I do by myself without (usually) thinking too terribly much about it. Today when I was getting ready for work I realized that even the toiletries I use are adult. I'm not terribly brand loyal, but I've figured out what I like, what I don't like, what I'm willing to spend more money on (foundation, moisturizer) and what I'm not willing to buy cheap (eyeshadow, mascara). It gives me this odd sense of security.

Security might not be the best's just that in the last year and a half or so I feel more stable than I ever have in my life. It's as if I've checked some small things off the "grown up life things to figure out" list without even being aware of it. Last night I checked another one off, but this one I was keenly aware of: packing. suitcase?!

I totally suck at packing. I go kind of crazy wondering what the weather's going to be like and what I'm going to be doing and just start hurling things at my suitcase. I pack 10 books for a week's vacation because WHAT IF I FINISH THE FIRST 9 I BROUGHT AND THEY DON'T SELL BOOKS WHERE I'M GOING, SURELY I WILL DIE! I pack at list 2 knitting projects for similar reasons. And then, even though I've packed waaaaaaaay too many items, I end up with one t-shirt and 5 pairs of jeans, or 3 sweatshirts, 2 tank tops, a pair of jeans and no socks or underwear. No outfits to speak of. Or, if I'm lucky, one outfit and a bunch of extra stuff. I stink at packing.

But this time around, I packed outfits. You guys, I have a shirt, a pair of jeans, a sweater, underwear, a bra, the right shoes, and even jewelry for one outfit; a dress, a belt, leggings, underwear, a sweater, a bra, the right shoes, and more jewelry packed for a second outfit PLUS pajamas, a sweatshirt, one book, one knitting project and my toiletries. BAM! I packed! My phone charger is also in there! 9 extra books, an extra knitting project, a back up pair of jeans, extra tank tops, extra sweaters, an inexplicabley fancy outfit: these things are not in there! I'm so proud of myself.

Now, enough about my mini-victories! Here are two things that have made me ridiculously happy this week:

Brendan Coyle on a British cooking show, what's not to love?

This link: to 450 free online courses. I listened to an Oxford Philosophy class yesterday while I worked. How cool is that?!

Have a good weekend!

PS. Because I already brought Home Alone into this post, I have to add this, mainly for Liz: 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cat and Mouse

This is Erica's darling cat Beezy snuggling with a catnip mouse I knit for  her. Erica and her fiance Kevin adopted two adorable kitties from the shelter a while ago and I gave them each a catnip mouse as a Welcome-to-your-new-home present. Erica emailed me this picture a couple days ago and I just can't STAND it! Beezy is so cute and the image of her taking her mouse up on her bed for a little snooze is more than I can take.

I always wonder what happens to the things I make and giveaway or sell. Most of the time, I never see them again but when I do see my knitted objects in use it gives me such a thrill! I made mittens for a friend in exchange for a papier-mache moose head like what you see displayed on the racks from our craft sale last summer:

and when I see her wearing them it makes me proud. It makes me proud when Erica says her cats have been chasing their catnip mice around the house all day. It made me proud when I saw a picture of a friend of mine wearing a headband I had knitted and given to her. It's nice to know the things I made and put out into the world are making people or cats warm and happy.

I'm usually so absorbed in the process of designing and knitting and less concerned with the outcome. Rarely do I make time to work on a project because I want the end result and I usually give away or sell almost everything I knit; I actually cannot think of a single thing I knit that I still own. So when I see people or animals enjoying the things I've produced it's a nice reminder that I am actually producing a practical, tangible object from those millions of individual stitches that slide across my needles.