Monday, July 25, 2011

White Squirrel compels you to punch deer in face!

My modeling career beings and ends here.

I'm back from the craft show a little sunburned, a little richer, a little tired and a lot happy. The weather was super hot (I'm pretty sure I drank my weight in water every day) but it only rained a little and some people bought some stuff and that is what I call a success. Really, there's very few ways for a craft show with friends to go wrong. Worst case scenario you end up sitting outside laughing and talking with friends while everyone tells you how it's too hot to even look at your knitted goods and you don't make any money. We sat outside laughing and talking while everyone told us that but we made a little money, so we're all set.

We met some truly bonkers crafters, which is always a good time. One of our booth neighbors was a craft show newbie who was extremely nervous about his booth set up and wouldn't just sit down and relax. He was a photographer who was selling a lot of nature photos. His favorite was White Squirrel. It was this picture of a very, very intense looking white squirrel and he must have had at least 5 to 7 prints of it on sale. At any given time there were at least 4 White Squirrels staring at us in our booth and every time a customer wandered into our neighbor's booth they were shown White Squirrel. I'm pretty sure the reason this guy couldn't relax about his booth set up was because White Squirrel was never pleased and this man could hear White Squirrel's commands and felt compelled to obey them. I still see White Squirrel when I close my eyes.

The picture at the top of this post is from the first day. We tweaked our set up every day and were finally happiest with this one:
The colorful posts on either side are holding paper-mache heads my friend Mandi was selling. They are so very cool; kids were in love with them and would point them out to their parents across the street. If said parents weren't looking, it was common for the kids to run up and pet the animals and even talk to them which was adorable. Imagine our shock when one little boy ran up and suddenly punched one of the deer in the face! His mother apologized and no damage was done but we were a little disturbed.

Yesterday I had a bad case of the post-craft sale blues, but today I'm just jazzed to get designing some new ideas I've had and to build up my stock for the next sale (only 67 days away) which is Applefest. I love Applefest: apple cider, pumpkin patch, hayride, corn maize! No one will tell us it's too hot to look at our knitted goods at Applefest (I sincerely hope)! Although, it doesn't have to be quite as freezing as last year. Something about craft shows seems to bring out the extreme in the weather.

Photo credit: I stole these from Erica completely without her permission.

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