Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Shark Week is here again! I have been obsessed with sharks ever since I first saw Jaws; I'm scarred of them and in love with them so what could be better than a whole week of TV dedicated to them?! I remember coming home from high school and watching hours of Shark Week that my dad had recorded on VHS tapes in the olden times before DVR. Two years ago, I hand addressed my sister's wedding invitations while watching Shark Week. Oh, the Shark Week memories!

This year, I don't have cable and have been trying for the past couple of weeks to not panic about missing Shark Week. "It's only TV," I kept telling myself, "and not even the new season of Mad Men, or anything." But in my heart, I was sad. Miss Shark Week? NEVER. Luckily, my cousin is willing to let my other cousin and I use her DVR for the week and we have set up recordings for some of our favorite Shark Week events including the Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs episodes. We both have Friday afternoon off and are going to gather up some snacks, some wine and our knitting and watch as much Shark Week programing as we can jam into one afternoon. I'm pretty sure it will be the best day of my life. Especially because as a grand finale, we're going to watch Jaws (which my dad gave to me last year as a Shark Week present. Because he is the best dad ever).

So be prepared for all kind of sharky links and Shark Week stories this week. Enjoy your Shark Week!

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