Friday, February 15, 2013

Pinterest Wednesday (a little late, shh!)

Hello everyone! Today's Friday edition of Pinterest Wednesday is brought to you by my very messy back room:

This is the "craft" room. It's been various levels of untidy during the entire time I've lived in my house. I decided to make it my first priority in my decluttering project because it's the only room in the house that is completely unusable and I find it horrifying. It's not always quite as bad as in the picture above, but it's never been great. This used to be my ex-boyfriend's office when we lived together and when he moved out at first I thought it would be GREAT to turn it into MY office and craft room! Hooray for healing! Instead, I would get tired even looking at it and go take a nap on the couch or knit something. Emotions, man. They'll getcha. But now I'm further away from the breakup and ready to dive in to some decluttering! I split this unholy mess into categories: paperwork, craft supplies, stuff under the table, stuff on the table, the bookshelves, and the closet. And since I have so many days on my 100 days to declutter list open, I can take just about as much time as I need to with each category.

I have some meetings coming up for which I will need certain papers, so I decided to jump right in with the paperwork. I put a bunch of it in a bag and brought it out in the living room to spread out. When I got back from grabbing my phone so I could take pictures, I found Harper inspecting the bag. "Oh, that's so cute," I thought and snapped this picture.

Little did I know she was going to try to help me with the recycling:


And with the papers I wanted to keep:

Other than my adorable (and annoying) cat, there isn't too much excitement in sorting papers. I sorted them into keep, recycle, and shred piles. It's still a work in progress but it will be a good feeling when I can all of this organized. Step one toward decluttering is a go!


  1. Holy cow, that is a cute cat.

  2. Thanks, Anne! She is cute, even when she's all up in your business.