Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Thursday! (If I sing it, it will come true)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the internet for increasing my hypochondriac nature by approximately a billion. At this very moment, I'm pretty darn sure I have meningitis (sore neck and shoulders, headache, and chills. Although I got the chills after looking up meningitis symptoms on the internet, so, you know, maybe not the most reliable symptom.) I would also like to thank Bodies Revealed for making it even easier to think what my meninges would look like if infected. Gross!

But this is a happy Thursday, not an imaginary sick Thursday. So let's all sing along with the video above and reassure ourselves that we have nothing to worry  about and that if we've got problems, we'll just solve them!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

This song was on the radio on my drive home from work yesterday, and when I pulled through the ATM next to some road work with this song BLASTING all of the construction workers watched me drive past. Ah, good times.

Anyway, I have a very busy and exciting weekend all planned. Tomorrow, I go to see this, which I have wanted to see for years and years. Then a couple of nights of wine drinking, a housewarming party and lots and lots of knitting. Hopefully I'll find my camera charger so I can take some pictures of the many objects I will surely finish this weekend! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

If I can dream it, I can do it! (Unless I get buried in yarn.)

Last night was the first knitting class for the summer and it was great to teach again! The class went really well and I think some of the students might come back for more classes. However, as I was discussing upcoming classes I realized that knitting classes are scheduled through August. Summer is so short and it feels like if I'm not careful it will all be gone before I even know it. Thus:


Spend time with my family and friends
I intend to : drink margaritas and talk about classical music and home deocrating with mom, drink beers and talk about tools and retirement with dad,  kiss my niece until she giggles, have slumber parties with my friends, have sister movie dates, go to Monday night dinners at my parents' house, visit my grandparents weekly, have wine on the porch nights with friends, and gossip at Craft Night every Tuesday. Speaking of craft night...

Start a public Craft Night
I want to organize a knitting night once a month for people outside of the private craft night circle. I know at least a few people who are already on board!

Get my crafting supplies and goals organized
This absolutely has to happen and soon. I spend way too much money on supplies that I probably already own but can't find and too much time looking for the supplies I do know I have. Plus it's terrifying to not know exactly how much yarn I own. There are three huge tubs and then various bags and loose skeins scattered throughout the house. Ok, it's potentially more terrifying to know exactly how much yarn I own. But I'll be brave!  This how-to is really inspiring.

Cook/Bake lots and lots
Use the farmers market as inspiration, update the poor lonely veggie blog, try new vegetables/fruits, expand my recipe collection and organize it. I need to do something more like a notebook where I can take notes about the recipe each time I make it. Like a food journal.  Hmm....

Sew or get off the bobbin. 

Seriously, I own two sewing machines and innumerable accessories. I have taken a quilting class. I have a book of the 101 ways to use your first sewing machine. And yet I cannot sew or at least do not sew. So this summer, I'm going to sit down with that book and make a choice: do I sew (and therefore will keep all of this stuff in my life) or do I not sew (and therefore get rid of all of this stuff to make room for more yarn).

Read many, many books.

I'm reading FOUR right now.

Brush off my language skills.

I'm going to get my Arabic books back out and refresh what I've already learned and maybe even go a little further with the second book. And a friend of mine is going to help me get my French back up to snuff. (Which is a really weird phrase if you think about it.)

That should keep me pretty busy. I also have a craft sale this July and another in September and another in October. Knitting is not really a goal as much as an assumed daily activity.

Thursday, you send me!

 Thursday, I'm going to marry you and take you home. Or, just sit on the porch with some friends and drink some wine tonight. Either way, I've been looking forward to this all week. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In reading an article about cat fur being made into jewelry (a concept so gross I couldn't resist reading about it) I came across this article which poses the eternal, burning question "Nude pantyhose, Great or Granny?" I clicked on the link because as a professional woman who wears a skirt and nude pantyhose almost every work day of my life I thought I should check it out.


You know why I don't read fashion articles? Because fashion is stupid. Until I read this article I didn't know who Pippa Middleton is, I had never heard of "junderpants" and I had no idea I had a obligation, nay, a responsibility to have perfectly shaped, perfectly colored, perfectly groomed legs. I was a better person for all of that ignorance. So sorry about the last 27 years of not worrying about my legs, you guys! I unwittingly exposed the world to my unprepared flesh on many an occasion. Thank goodness I usually (usually?! NOT EVERY DAY?!?!) put lotion on my legs. At least there is that!

The article does poke fun at the concept that wearing nude pantyhose could be a "sin" of any kind, but does seem to take seriously and without question the comment that that maybe Pippa wore them because she just didn't feel like exfoliating, shaving, bronzing and wearing other types of shapers when she could get all of that from her nude pantyhose.  Maybe she didn't feel like doing all of that. Maybe. Because most days she does? Because anyone, anywhere does have the time and the desire to do that?

Maybe I'm the crazy one. It is well documented that I am no maven of fashion. And my nickname is Cockroach Legs (because I have short legs and apparently, I "scurry" when I walk). I think my legs look like Scottish man legs. Point being, what do I know about the proper care and keeping of legs? (But come on, I'm totally not the crazy one here.)

Anyway, look at these things instead of my legs:

If there is any rhubarb at the Farmer's market this weekend, I shall feast on these!
My current favorite dish washing song.  
This might just be the thing to motivate me to sew!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Use a butter knife for everything

I cannot stop watching My Drunk Kitchen. I think my favorite might be the first episode. You learn a lot that I certainly didn't know about drunkenly making grilled cheese (although I'm pretty sure I've done that). Some helpful tips include: make sure you have cheese in your house, pick your shit up that you dropped earlier, etc.

The credits might be my favorite.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wherein my confidence in the world around me in thouroughly shaken

Somehow, magically, it's June. Like, it was just February and then now: JUNE. Or so it seems to me. And the significance of its being suddenly June is that it is now less than two months away from the beginning of craft sale season and I have approximately 10 catnip mice, 5 baby hats and one half finished baby blanket to sell. This is not enough. Not even close. Sadly, at around the same time when I should chain myself to my couch and knit until my fingers fall off, I decided to get rid of cable. This has left me watching all the movies I own over and over again which is kind of nice because I've rediscovered some old favorites. For example, Star Wars: A New Hope. When I was a little kid, the Star Wars trilogy were my most favorite movies. I don't remember a time in my childhood when Princess Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker weren't my imaginary friends. And when I put in Star Wars after not having seen it for many, many years, I not only remembered every line, but also every noise made by an alien or droid. I was cracking myself up on the couch beeping along with R2-D2, until I got to this scene:

When Princess Leia says (right around 5:30), "This is some rescue," and Han says, "He's the brains, sweetheart!" I realized I had never before knew what that line was. As a kid I thought is was one of the following:

Peas for brains, sweetheart! (Intergalactic vegetable insult?)
Key the train, sweetheart! (?)
Gee, Lorraine sweetheart! (Leia could be a nickname for Lorraine. Princess Lorraine.)

Also in that same scene, when Princess Leia takes the gun all bossy and says, "Someone's got to save our skins!" I really and truly used to think she was saying, "Someone's got to save us kids!" which I love because that's such a little kid thing to think someone is saying. "We're just three crazy kids against the Empire and I gotta save us!"

It's like when I watched the Newsies as an adult and realized I had not internalized one thing about the newsboys strike (which is kind of the point of educational movies like that) but I had learned all of the songs and dances and watched the behind the scenes special feature a lot. Although, in another line mix up, right before this song starts, Jack says one of the other newsies has been in a bad mood all day. My cousins and sisters and I always thought he was saying, "You've been in the bathroom all day." So now when we're in a bad mood, that's what we say.

My sister always thought this song was called "It's a hard nut life" as opposed to "It's a hard knock life." I don't even want to know what that would mean. Our version didn't have the lyrics. And you know, I don't mean to critisize sad little depression orphans, and I'm all for singing while you work, but chores might get done more quickly without gymnastics. Just a thought.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dance Party Thursday

Happy Thursday, one and all! To celebrate, here is one of my most favorite songs of all time!

How great is that? I cannot not dance to it (also, I don't not love a double negative for emphasis). How happy is that guy when he says he can live forever?! SO HAPPY!

Happy Thursday!