Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In reading an article about cat fur being made into jewelry (a concept so gross I couldn't resist reading about it) I came across this article which poses the eternal, burning question "Nude pantyhose, Great or Granny?" I clicked on the link because as a professional woman who wears a skirt and nude pantyhose almost every work day of my life I thought I should check it out.


You know why I don't read fashion articles? Because fashion is stupid. Until I read this article I didn't know who Pippa Middleton is, I had never heard of "junderpants" and I had no idea I had a obligation, nay, a responsibility to have perfectly shaped, perfectly colored, perfectly groomed legs. I was a better person for all of that ignorance. So sorry about the last 27 years of not worrying about my legs, you guys! I unwittingly exposed the world to my unprepared flesh on many an occasion. Thank goodness I usually (usually?! NOT EVERY DAY?!?!) put lotion on my legs. At least there is that!

The article does poke fun at the concept that wearing nude pantyhose could be a "sin" of any kind, but does seem to take seriously and without question the comment that that maybe Pippa wore them because she just didn't feel like exfoliating, shaving, bronzing and wearing other types of shapers when she could get all of that from her nude pantyhose.  Maybe she didn't feel like doing all of that. Maybe. Because most days she does? Because anyone, anywhere does have the time and the desire to do that?

Maybe I'm the crazy one. It is well documented that I am no maven of fashion. And my nickname is Cockroach Legs (because I have short legs and apparently, I "scurry" when I walk). I think my legs look like Scottish man legs. Point being, what do I know about the proper care and keeping of legs? (But come on, I'm totally not the crazy one here.)

Anyway, look at these things instead of my legs:

If there is any rhubarb at the Farmer's market this weekend, I shall feast on these!
My current favorite dish washing song.  
This might just be the thing to motivate me to sew!

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