Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Vindication Thursday!

Happy Thursday to all! Today's Thursday is brought to you by vindication

I have many, many irrational fears. So many, in fact, that "irrational fears" was already a label on this blog. I try not to let these fears overtake me or rule my life, but they are there. One such fear is my fear of whales. I'm pretty terrified of the ocean in general: it's big, dark, scary, full of weirdo creatures, is where sharks live, not to mention the high drowning risk. I'm in awe of it, I love looking at pictures of deep sea creatures and thinking about this whole other planet, in a way, that exists on our planet. But still: scary.

Here's the thing with whales: they are beautiful, majestic creatures and I would love to go whale watching someday. But I'm always afraid that they'll just come along and with their MASSIVE size, sort of nudge the boat and then you'll be in the ocean with all the weird creatures, sharks, and drowning. When I tell my friends about this fear, oh how they laugh. "Why aren't you afraid of sharks instead of whales?" The two fears are not mutually exclusive, guys. But anyway, in the video above you'll see that while no one fell into the ocean, a humpback whale definitely NUDGED a small boat on the ocean while surfacing.

So there! Vindication!

This weekend, I'll be going up north for a birthday, knitting a lot, and reading. What are your plans? What are your irrational fears? Did you just add whales to the list?


  1. i have a whale watching story to tell you next time i see you...

  2. I completely hear your fear of the ocean. When I was a kid, we got Ranger Rick magazine and I would turn the pages by touching the tiniest corner of the page possible when it was a photo of underwater creatures. Like, just touching the magazine picture was too close for comfort. Also I had a couple of near-drowning experiences (in a swimming pool and a river) when I was younger, and then as an adult I tried to go into the ocean and when the water got up to my neck I freaked the fuck out. Like, Karl had to grab me and hold me and carry me out. It was so ridiculous, because I was hyperventilating from involuntary anxiety but also because I recognized how ridiculous it was and I was also laughing like crazy. (note: laughing and hyperventilating simultaneously = not recommended) Anyway, I have seriously stupid/irrational issues with the ocean. I love going to aquariums, though. All the beautiful creatures there are safely ensconced behind glass.

  3. Oh, Anne, I'm so glad Karl was there to carry you out! That sounds terrible! You are right: aquariums are the way to go; you can see all the fun creatures without worrying about them getting you.