Friday, February 15, 2013

SNOW DAY weekend! (bonus post because I forgot about it until now)

Last weekend started with a snow day! This is tremendous on a couple of levels. First of all, I love snow. LOVE IT. This happens in my head every single time it snows:

And then, when I calm down, this happens:

I was made to live in Michigan, you guys. The other reason this is tremendous is that sometimes when the University where I work closes, our Dean keeps the library open so that international students and students who live on campus have a place to go. But Friday he decided not to do that. So that means: double snow day!!!!

So what's a girl to do? Hmmm... stay in her jammies, drink a bunch of coffee, knit just about everything she can, take a nap with some cats, and read some blogs.

Here are some snow day highlights from my snowday and the weekend:

I started the day with whole wheat pancakes. I ate so many of them I almost made myself sick.

Then, because it was a beautiful day outside, I had eaten way too much, and I had a sugar/coffee high going, I went outside and shoveled in this outfit

for an hour and a half until my driveway looked like this

Later that day, my cousin and I drove up to Frankfort for the weekend. The only picture I took the entire time I was up there was this one

It was a beautiful winter wonderland! When I came back home, I saw my super pregnant sister who's ready to have her baby just about anytime and who looks like she's just pretending to be pregnant.

 And then hung out with Harper.

That was last weekend. Who even knows what this weekend will bring!

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