Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Phoning in the weekend... on Wednesday

Hello everybody! It was a big weekend, mostly full of food. So that's a pretty good thing, huh?

First my sisters and I got mani/pedis with our mom as a belated mother's day present. When I asked for a glass of water the kind receptionist brought me this goblet of water. I'm going to start drinking water out of wine glasses all the time; it's much more fancy.

After mani/pedis it was time to prepare for my youngest sister's bachelorette party! I made some cupcakes that called for beating six eggs whites until they formed stiff peaks. It never fails to amaze me how much egg whites expand! Look at that! It's kind of gross but so impressive! It's as magical to me as instant mashed potatoes. And if you are thinking that a woman who is amazed by egg whites and instant mashed potatoes must be constantly in awe of the world around are correct.
I ended up not making guacamole for the bahelorette party, so I had a left over avocado! I baked an egg in it and topped it with goat cheese and salsa. And I was so happy I died and then came back to life. But that's just a normal reaction to goat cheese.
This didn't happen over the weekend, but if I deprive even one person of this picture, I could never forgive myself. This is me knitting with my niece Evelyn who at that moment was embodying Cinderella and "knitting" (stabbing a blanket repeatedly with knitting needles). It was the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pinterest Wednesday: the day your breath started smelling like onions forever
You guys, seriously. Seriously. You will smell like red onions for the rest of your natural life and you will not care even a little.

I made this for dinner Monday night to top a lentils and rice dish I made and I haven't stopped eating it since. It is summer in a bowl and I long for the day i can make it with produce fresh from the farmer's market. It's cold, crisp, refreshing and just delicious. I'm used to making this type of salad with an olive oil, lemon, garlic dressing but the red wine vinegar, olive oil, oregano is a new winner.

Click the picture to get to the pin, then to the recipe, then to heaven in salad form.