Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wherein my confidence in the world around me in thouroughly shaken

Somehow, magically, it's June. Like, it was just February and then now: JUNE. Or so it seems to me. And the significance of its being suddenly June is that it is now less than two months away from the beginning of craft sale season and I have approximately 10 catnip mice, 5 baby hats and one half finished baby blanket to sell. This is not enough. Not even close. Sadly, at around the same time when I should chain myself to my couch and knit until my fingers fall off, I decided to get rid of cable. This has left me watching all the movies I own over and over again which is kind of nice because I've rediscovered some old favorites. For example, Star Wars: A New Hope. When I was a little kid, the Star Wars trilogy were my most favorite movies. I don't remember a time in my childhood when Princess Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker weren't my imaginary friends. And when I put in Star Wars after not having seen it for many, many years, I not only remembered every line, but also every noise made by an alien or droid. I was cracking myself up on the couch beeping along with R2-D2, until I got to this scene:

When Princess Leia says (right around 5:30), "This is some rescue," and Han says, "He's the brains, sweetheart!" I realized I had never before knew what that line was. As a kid I thought is was one of the following:

Peas for brains, sweetheart! (Intergalactic vegetable insult?)
Key the train, sweetheart! (?)
Gee, Lorraine sweetheart! (Leia could be a nickname for Lorraine. Princess Lorraine.)

Also in that same scene, when Princess Leia takes the gun all bossy and says, "Someone's got to save our skins!" I really and truly used to think she was saying, "Someone's got to save us kids!" which I love because that's such a little kid thing to think someone is saying. "We're just three crazy kids against the Empire and I gotta save us!"

It's like when I watched the Newsies as an adult and realized I had not internalized one thing about the newsboys strike (which is kind of the point of educational movies like that) but I had learned all of the songs and dances and watched the behind the scenes special feature a lot. Although, in another line mix up, right before this song starts, Jack says one of the other newsies has been in a bad mood all day. My cousins and sisters and I always thought he was saying, "You've been in the bathroom all day." So now when we're in a bad mood, that's what we say.

My sister always thought this song was called "It's a hard nut life" as opposed to "It's a hard knock life." I don't even want to know what that would mean. Our version didn't have the lyrics. And you know, I don't mean to critisize sad little depression orphans, and I'm all for singing while you work, but chores might get done more quickly without gymnastics. Just a thought.

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