Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Revenge of the Nerdsday

I'll be nerding out at a craft sale for the next three days with some of my darling friends including Liz (who also created this blog with me) and Erica so consider this an early Happy Thursday post. This is us at a craft sale last year. I expect we'll be dressed for the opposite weather this weekend. 

Erica edited this picture and put the "yarn" around us is as a play on "knit 3 together, or K3tog" which is a knitting joke. Wow, this post is super nerdy.

Do you want to hear something kind of sick? While watching Revenge of the Nerds for about the billionth time the other day, I realized I have a crush on Booger. Who has a crush on the gross guy named Booger who wins a belching contest? 

Me, that's who. Don't ask, I think this is a mystery better left unsolved. Sometimes I gross myself out.

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