Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Classy/Inappropriate Thursday

I really like what little I've heard of The National and as soon as I get that old cd unstuck from my car stereo, or a DVD player that works or my computer fixed or bring that stereo up from the basement (I have some technical difficulties and how!) I plan to Interlibrary Loan all the cds of theirs I can. In the meantime I am in love with this video: the song and the imagery and the light sixties/Don Draper feel of it (Or is that just me?)

Isn't that lovely? The only problem I have with it for a Happy Thursday post is that it's a little poignant for a happy Thursday. It's excellent, but it tugs on the emotions a bit (or at least it did for me). So to make sure you leave a Happy Thursday post, well, happy, here is this next video. Be warned, it's, a kid visiting his grandma, which is nice. And, well...drugs, a little bit. But funny!

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