Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vacation Dreaming

I. am. busy. I am not complaining, because truly wonderful, amazing, thought-they'd-never-happen, things are happening to me and I love it. But my body and mind are weary and I just tried to pour instant coffee into my travel mug without removing the lid. Dumb

(Side note: I don't like instant coffee usually, but via is actually pretty damn good and has saved me on more than one sleepy afternoon.)

And as I work steadily away and run errands and exercise and get up too early and work too late into the night and can't sleep once I get into bed I find my mind wondering to a happy place. And if I can't go there right now, at least I can indulge myself and take myself on a short, written vacation.

To a place

Where I can leisurely drink mug after mug of coffee in my pj's on a deck with a book and my journal near by.

Where the air is cool in the morning and cool in the evening and warm and breezy in the middle of the day.

Where I can relax and drink a smoothie on a sunny porch and talk with friends.
Where is Trick Dog Art Gallery

Where I can take a mid-day snooze in my bathing suit next to Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Beach

Where I can cook outside and laugh with my family.

Where we can sip beer with limes in it late into the night.

Where I can curl up with my book and listen to the bugs and animals of Northern Michigan through an open window and fall asleep whenever I get drowsy.

I swear to you I can hear the waves of the lake and they are saying, "Soon.Sooooon. Soon."

(none of these images are mine (sadly) and are all linked to their source)


  1. i like this post. i want to do all those things too. at that lake. or a lake like it, in michigan. you know.

  2. Thanks, Lindsay! The call of the lakes is strong and certainly reaches all the way to Colorado, I'm sure.