Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To do...and do again

I realize I haven't followed up on the last to-do list post but I just wrote another to-do list and it's too good to not share.

1. Call JoAnns
2. Craft night reminder
3. Clean for Ladies Night.
4. Pick up groceries for Ladies Night and Library Potluck PAINT CHIPS!
5. Peep diorama. Knives, peep, yarn, and stuffing.
6. Where are we on Docline?
7. Reorganize AV project.
8. Call Papa--> Thurs?
9. make hair appointment.
10. take Grandma her books.
11. make hair appointment.
12. Pay Rent
15. figure out LVW potluck stuff
16. good foodie pen pal stuff together

Yeah. Starts out normal enough and then suddenly I'm screaming at myself to get paint chips, seemingly for a potluck. Also, two potlucks on one to do list (and one grocery bill) is two too many, I'm thinking. I don't really know what "good foodie pen pal stuff together" is, but it's not English or a useful instruction. And can you tell I need to get my haircut? That was not a cute device to remind myself how badly I need to get a haircut. I just noticed that it was on my to-do list twice (and only one item apart) when I went to write "make hair appointment" for what would have been the third time had I not noticed the other two times. That was my main motivation for posting this list, by the way. That and the words: Knives, peep, yarn, and stuffing.

You're welcome.

P.S. See how pay rent is number 12? Yesterday while eating a sugar cookie for dinner I realized I forgot to pay rent yet this month. Then I went to the movies and ate the second course of my dinner: popcorn. So don't let that last post I wrote make you worry that I might be too grown up. There's still a young degenerate inside this ol' body.


  1. if i made a to-do list it would look a lot like yours. i'd have to put things in capital letters to let myself know i meant business. ;)


    Sometimes you gotta get bossy with yourself!