Monday, August 26, 2013

Phoning in the weekend 8/26/2013

It was the kind of weekend that started with some scotch. It was a crazy, crazy week and a busy weekend. But with such fun activities who can complain? Not this girl!
But I did take what time I could to relax Friday night. I ate some Annie's mac and cheese and snap pea crisps and watched some British TV (Landgirls anyone?) and knit some dish rags.
The next morning my sister Laura and I picked blueberries. It was a beautiful day to be outside!
We picked A LOT of blueberries!
Then we stumbled upon a junk/antique store and had a calling dibs fight over this cart. I won! I also would have gotten this:
But it seemed ever so slightly impractical. And expensive. But COME ON! That was hard to walk away from.
Then I went to the hardware store and got supplies for crafts. I was outside on the porch almost all day painting.
Work in progress, first coat!
Then outside all evening at a cozy bonfire.
The next day we went dress shopping for bridesmaids dresses for my cousin's wedding. My sister stuck this veil in my bangs and put that crown/ribbon thing on. She is not to be trusted in a bridal shop.

Not pictured: my living room full of half finished projects, washing my car (black car, what was I THINKING?!), no dishes getting done at all all weekend, the resulting shambles my house is in.

What activities did you do this weekend?

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