Monday, September 16, 2013

Phoning in the weekend (and much, much more!)

Oh hello friends! I was going to do the traditional Phoning in the Weekend Monday post but then I realized A) I barely took any pictures this weekend and B) I haven't posted since I took a vacation from work and had all the fun in the world the first week of September (were you wondering why you had no fun the first week of September? It's because I hogged it ALL.) So I'm going to do two picture posts this week and dig way back into my camera roll for those vacation pictures. It will be fun because I get to relive my vacation along with you AND it's mostly cute animal pictures, with a side of projects, fun people, and bonfires.

The first thing I did on vacation was go to Frankfort for my Aunt's 60th birthday party. There were approximately 17 trillion dogs there, but these two were Frankfort newbies! The little guy who is melting your heart on top is Miggy a 5 month old English Golden Retriever and all around heart breaker. The sweet girl on the bottom is Tina Turner, the ?? year old black lab/border collie/? mix my friends adopted from the shelter. She came with the name and OF COURSE they're not changing it. So if you're asking me if I spent the first weekend of my vacation with Tina Turner, the answer is yes and she is lovely and gracious.

And so began vacation.
With bonfires,

Fancy dinners,

Snuggle times with more cute animals,

So much good food like this birthday cupcake my friend Chris gave me,

Dr. Who themed ice cubes,

Progress on some projects,

And then some homework with my two best assistants.

More pictures to come soon!

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