Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Favorite Song Thursday

(Disclaimer, I don't know anything about these videos, I just picked them in kind of a hurry to share the songs. So enjoy the songs! And maybe the videos?)

Happy Thursday, one and all! While I can't pick a favorite song for all time, I always have one or two favorites at any given time. 

Recently I came across this on Pandora. I had forgotten how much I love it!

So naturally I ordered the CD from MelCat so I could hear more from this band. That's when I discovered they also sang this song:

That song was on a CD one of Erica's friends sent her when we were roommates on Locust Street. We listened to the CD, oh, a thousand times? A week? It was our fav! It was the soundtrack to the winter of 2007 along with (for me) Against Me


Fiona Apple

And the Hold Steady

So now my old favorite songs are new again! It's like being an angsty 23 year old again, except I'm not actually. Which is preferable. Now songs like this are my real favorites:

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