Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years! 2014 for the win! (a sort of Pinterest Wednesday)

Happy New Year! In writing this post, I looked back over past blog posts because I was sure SURE that I must have written before about how much I love New Years but NO! Not one single New Years post to link to! Whaaaaaaat?

I'm a huge believer in new beginnings of all kinds. Remember how every first day of school you thought THIS WAS THE YEAR you were going to stay organized and have a clean desk and never lose a pencil? Or was that just me? Regardless, I know calendars are arbitrary and everyday is it's own new beginning and blah blah but on January 1rst a lot of people agree all at once that it's a new year and resolve to do things differently and that's good enough for me. I'm pretty much the same as everyone in that I make resolutions and stop/break them by the end of January. And I'm ok with that too. There are some that I've kept: I make my bed everyday and I'm pretty sure that was a New Years resolution. I put on makeup, perfume, and jewelry every morning before work because it makes me feel like less of a slob and I think that was a resolution too. I'm careful not to make too many resolutions including the words "always," or "never," and when I use the word "everyday" I mean it the same way I meant it when I said it about making the bed and getting ready for work which is to say "most days" and probably never on a Saturday or Sunday.

Because this is a Pinterest Wednesday, the pictures link to my Resolution board on Pinterest. Oh, tricky tricky!

I resolve:
-to knit instead of play with my phone after dinner (it's better for my focus, my eyes, my happiness).
 -to make time for yoga weekly.
-to work a little toward various goals and big projects calmly everyday instead of freaking out and fear-watching too much Netflix.
-to remember that I am enough, I do enough, and I'm right where I should be and to listen to my breath when I needed to be reminded of it.
-to do the dishes everyday. And to remember that it makes me feel good to wake up to a clean kitchen counter.
-to be quiet and listen more often.

-to journal everyday.
-to blog three times a week.

And that's it! In short, I want to knit, write, and be more mindful. I want to stop freaking myself out and indulging in counter-productive behavior because of it. If I move in that direction this year, I'll be pleased. It's not about the number of times I do something, really, or doing something daily without fail. It's about gently guiding yourself in the direction you'd like your life to go. And that is why I love New Years.

What are your resolutions? Do you make them? What are you hoping for out of the new year? Regardless, Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I was inspired by your pins to make resolutions myself - some of them very similar to yours, I'll admit. :) I do think that it's helpful, especially when you go in knowing that you're just aiming to do better, not necessarily meet a specific (and possibly unrealistic) goal. Also, I was SO that person who planned everything out for a new school year, figuring that if I organized it intensely enough, everything would be perfect. There was a chapter book I read as an elementary school student in which the main character spent a summer organizing her back to school outfits (with coordinating purses, of course). That was absolutely me. (I wish I could remember more about the book so I could identify it now!)

  2. Glad my pins inspired you, Anne! Also glad that I wasn't the only one feverishly planning for school! That book sounds right up my alley. :)