Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Thursday Texts from my sister

Happy Thursday, everyone! I present you with this text exchange between one of my sisters and me. It took place earlier this week when I had a weird, wonky eye and a headache. All you have to know to enjoy it is that the dresses for my sisters wedding are a lovely blush pink color, I am something of a hypochondriac, and stroke is the most common medical issue I think I'm having. I have learned to live with it and joke about it. Which, of course, will stop being funny the minute I die of a stroke. KNOW THE SIGNS!

Me: Hey, when you get migraines do they ever affect your vision?

Sister: Yeah, sometimes. Why do you ask?

Me: Because my left all got all weird. Then I got a headache.

Me: Just ordered my Maid of Honor dress! You wanted it in blaze orange, right?

Sister: Hahahahahaahaha, you are so funny! I'm sorry! Do you feel better now?

Me: I do, but you know me, I thought I was having a stroke. Sister. I am the Maid of Honor. If I want to wear blaze orange WHO CAN STOP ME?!

Sister: Lol! You know I think you might be having a stroke if you think blaze orange is a good idea.

Me: I know all the signs of stroke because it's my favorite disease to think I have and I am here to tell you: having amazing color sense is not a sign of stroke.

Sister: If you say so.

Me: A stroke of genius yes. A brain stroke no.

Sister: Potato Patato.

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