Monday, July 2, 2012

Phoning in the weekend

This weekend, I discovered Instagram and yeehaw! Such fun was had!

 I also received a very early birthday gift (my birthday is in September. The bonus of having an aunt with taste as totally awesome as my own is that sometimes she finds vintage yellow cannisters she knows you will love and can't wait to give them to you! Aren't they awesome? 
Also awesome, Summer Shandy and veggie snacks on a friend's back deck.  

 The next morning, I made iced coffee because it was hot! (Yellow cannisters photo bombing.)
As this picture of Henry clearly demonstrates, we dedicated ourselves to being lazy and crafting on Saturday. 

 Harper concurred. She does not, however, understand that there is no need for her to sit on my lap when it's in the 80's and 90's. I took this picture and then pushed her down.
This is what I was working on. More details to come.

That night I caught up on a week's worth of the Daily Show, Hulu style.

I tried out a new recipe which was only so-so. (But the iced coffee came back. Also, I'm noticing how many yellow dishes I own and I love it.)
Early run before it got too hot. This picture is grossly distorting the length of my legs. Look how far away my feet look!
Met up with Liz and Erica for a craft meeting. There is some great stuff underway! We are getting so organized and prepared!
At Sunday night dinner with my family Evelyn was rocking on the same rocking chair my sisters and I used when we were little kids. I took roughly 17 thousand pictures of her but they were all blurry except for this one because that girl was rocking, if you'll notice the focus in her eyes. She was not sitting like a lady, so much, but when you're in diapers I don't think that's really a requirement.

Not pictured: locking my keys in my car at a gas station and my dad being kind enough to rescue me. That's about it. It was a really wonderful lazy weekend, which I needed. What did you do this weekend?

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