Monday, July 9, 2012

New Blog! (and phone pictures from the weekend)

Hey everybody! You see that over there on the left? It's a new blog! My friends from the craft sales and I launched it just today! It's a collaborative blog where we can share news about upcoming shows and crafts we're working on. I'll still be sharing crafts and shenanigans on this blog, of course. Anyway, check it out! We're pleased as punch to have it up and running (and everyone knows punch is the most pleased of all the party beverages).

And now, here are some of the pictures I took this weekend:

 This picture does not do justice to the color of this blanket which is a beautiful, sunshiney yellow. I mention it because I was showing my friend Maggie a picture of the cannisters from last week and she said, "Oh. That's your favorite color?" And when I said yes, she said, "Come here, I have something for you." So we marched out of The Bird onto the streets of downtown Mount Pleasant where she popped the trunk of her car and gave me this blanket. Maggie is the most amazing thrifter and most generous person I know she found this and it just wasn't really her favorite color. So she gave it to me. Walking down the street carrying that blanket in my arms to my car and the looks I got from the people smoking outside The Bird is one of my most favorite memories. It's a Maggie Memory. Kind of like when our huge bags broke as we walked out of the Salvation Army on 5 for 5 day.
 Another Maggie Memory: impromptu frozen yogurt party! This is my new favorite flavor.
 I made some powerful sangria for a birthday bash.
 Went on a little JoAnn's shopping spree. I needed supplies for my classes and other projects. Natalie asked me if I really needed those knitting needles. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, I might have 6's in 14 inches but not in 10! Don't judge what you don't understand!

Speaking of juding, Natalie has through years of trial and error come up with the perfect diner breakfast. It costs $6.66 which I think says a lot about us. I think it says even more that when you add coffee it should cost more than $6.66, but mine still cost $6.66. Is the waitress trying to tell us something? Hmmm...

Not pictured: the many, many episodes of True Blood I watched (and my sore throat from saying "Sookie" in a Bill voice a lot), the birthday party with the sangria, and the hours I spent sleeping in (which were delightful). I hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. Wait. There's frozen greek yogurt?!

    Also, Karl used to always get the spicy chicken from Wendy's on his way home from work when he closes. It always came to $6.66 so we call it the Devil's Chicken. :)

  2. Anne, there is and it's delicious! The raspberry fudge chunk is really good, and so is the blueberry. The peanut butter banana isn't for everybody, but I like it.

    Love the Devil's Chicken! I saved that picture on my computer with the file name "The Devil's Own Diner Bill." :)