Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy GarHalloweenField Thursday

Ok, this isn't the night, but still! Happy almost Halloween!
Hopefully, you've decided on a costume by now. And have a dumb, sweet little dog to help you get twice the candy. But beware: if you meet scary ghost pirates and the dumb, sweet little dog saves your life, you will have to, in the spirit of Halloween generosity, give that little dog his bag of candy. So make sure you gird your loins and don't get scared.
(For the record, I TOTALLY did not pick up on Garfield having a different singing voice some of the time. Why didn't Lou Rawls sing all the songs? I'll grant you that his awesome voice would have been wasted on lyrics like, "I could be an astronaut, a robot, a hobo, a clown. Or an alien creature goin' out on the town." but is "I don't chase mice and all that jazz. I might be sassy, yeah and all of that, but the one thing I'm not is a scaredy cat." any more deserving?

Happy Halloween!

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