Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Foggy Thursday

Today it is foggy both in the world and in my brain. But it's October, so that's kind of how things should be. I first heard God Help the Girl in the fall, so to me their music is as October as pumpkins, fog,and apple cider.

Oh man I love that song. It's hard to listen to at work because I really, really like to sing along. Same with this one:

This weekend promises to be full of fall festivities with a movie premiere (that is a story for another blog post), a visiting friend, the corn maze with my sisters and brother-in-law and sister's boyfriend and baby niece ( Evelyn's first corn maze!), yoga, crafting, and a date with the cats to pop popcorn and watch The Shining. You know, when I spell out my weekend plans like that, it's easy to appreciate that I have a pretty fantastic life. Kind of clears the brain fog a little.

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