Monday, May 13, 2013

Phoning in the weekend

 I call this the two headed catnap monster and it was judging me for doing anything with my weekend besides sleeping.

 I realized late in the day on Saturday that I had been walking around with a small double pointed knitting needle sticking out of my hood. That's what you get for leaving the house in a hurry after a marathon of knitting without checking the mirror. (I can't be the only person who stores the extra knitting needle in her hair, can I?)

 On Sunday I took Sgt. Pepper for a run. He peed on everything, chased a rabbit, splashed through puddles and was in doggie heaven.

After my run I was stretching and Evelyn stretched with me. Then there was an interlude of trying to climb on me and sit on my head.
 This is Evelyn asking me, "What are you doing, Auntie Sam?" approximately 12,546 times in a row. No answer would appease, but she did think "climbing trees" and "answering Evie's questions" were pretty funny.

Alden? He's over it. I think he might be too serious for this family he was born into. I did get him to laugh by making a sound that can only be described as "whale-monkey."

Not pictured: not getting to go to Lansing and visit Liz because my car is dying a slow and painful death, good times with old friends, my furnace breaking on a weekend when the temperature dipped below 30 again, and the rain/hail/wind weirdo weather.


  1. I just did some Lansing thrifting today. Got a new salad spinner, a cast iron casserole pan, and some cute tops (several of which I plan on altering so they fit better).

    1. I'm jealous! It sounds like you found some great stuff!