Monday, May 20, 2013

Phoning in the weekend, May 20

Happy Monday, everyone!

It wasn't really the weekend, but last week I went to a conference in Traverse City. It was totally awesome and my brain is full to bursting with library ideas and enthusiasm. My stomach was full to bursting with delicious food (Traverse City, I love you so hard.) I knit the whole way there and a little bit on the way home. And a little bit while I was there. That bulldog is Hilda, a cutie cute English bulldog who hangs out in an awesome store called The Red Ostrich. You should probably go visit her. When I got home, my Aunt surprised me with the yellow tote bag and I hunkered down and did some research and writing on my Grandpa's memoirs. My cousin had a graduation party on Sunday and so we feasted on Lebanese food. Yummmmm..... My grandpa stood by the food line helping (bossing) people with the food. Look at that smile: food, family, and being in charge, all the things he loves! not so different from my grandfather, I've discovered.

Not pictured: hanging out with Evelyn for a bit. Whenever I come over she "makes coffee" for me in her play kitchen which shows that she is as thoughtful and hospitable as she is observant because I usually have a travel mug of coffee with me when she sees me. She tried coffee once (her grandmother gave it to her, not me) and stuck her tongue out for a solid minute saying, "Aaaaaggggggguuuuuuhhhhhheeeee." It's an acquired taste, kiddo.

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