Monday, May 6, 2013

Phoning in the Weekend, Monday, May 6th

 My amazing and awesome friend Derek brought me this mini-lego librarian lady on Friday! She's so tiny and cute! She lives in my office now, shushing me.

This weekend, Locust Street Crafts rode again for our first craft sale of the season! You'll be able to read all about it here later this week and I've saved most of the pictures for that post.

I try to model my headbands at each sale and I found a new way to tie it that I was particularly pleased with. It was one of those ideas that was either going to be totally stupid and not work at all or work really well. I do not  have fashion instincts to know until I see it. Much like how I have no spacial relations instinct and often end up pouring things into containers much too big or much too small. And by much like that I mean not like that at all.

Sunday was a lazy day. I rode the high of craft sale bliss and worked on a few crafts and ideas for the future. Henry sat in this box and stared at me.

Not pictured: Erica and I getting all goofy from being in the car too long, the hugest margarita ever that I did not manage to finish, the first summer shandy of the year, the episodes of Game of Thones season two that I watched, my awesome run (in the sun! I sweated! I was not cold!), or the cuddle-fest I had with Derek and Jenelle's dog Loki.

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