Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Catday

I told you cat pictures were coming. This is why I can't ever get any work done. The top picture is of Henry laying right on my knitting pattern. He has this way of just knowing which line I need to read next and laying his big ol' head right on it. The bottom picture is of Harper trying to army crawl onto my lap. Her strategy is to move very slowly and not make eye contact with me no matter how many times I say her name in hopes that I might not notice that she's creeping onto my lap. You think it's any easier right now while I'm trying to type on my lap top? 

Think again. It's blurry because he's rubbing his face on my computer. He usually won't stop until he's pushed on the screen so hard that the whole top of the lap top bends back and he looses his balance, falls off the couch and does that, "Everything's cool here, I meant to do that. I'm a cat and I'm going to lick my shoulder" thing that cats do. I'm currently getting a break because there's a bird in the window box that they are LOOSING THEIR MINDS over, so I'm going to try to get some knitting in. Happy Friday!

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