Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Like the tines of our forks, so are the Valentines of our lives. Or something.

Stuck in my head ALL DAMN DAY

Happy Valentines day, everyone. I know some people are SUPER into Valentines day and some people are almost equally AGAINST Valentines day. As for me, I am neutral. I like holidays of all types, I like telling the people I love that I love them, I like the pop of red in February, and I love candy. (Dear Candy, I love you. Love, Sam) But I don't like it if people feel bad about not being in love on Valentines day, I don't like that there are a billion e-harmony (and similar companies) commercials trying to capitalize on people feeling bad, and I don't like sappy songs/cards/sentiment/shows/movies/stuffed animals/etc.

This is where I stand on Valentines day, I suppose

Love is lovely and expressing your love is a brave and wonderful thing to do. But after a day full of too much chocolate and too many sappy sentiments, we all need Cher to slap our faces and tell us to snap out of it.

So I hope you have a lovely day, whether you are full on hearts/flowers/chocolates-ing it up or whether you are dressed in black all anti-Valentines, or whether you, like me, fall somewhere in the non-committal middle. And I encourage you to celebrate all the loves in your life. In that spirit here are:

The Ten Things I Love Most Right Now: (obvious things like, boyfriend, family, friends, wine, and whiskey not included on account of obviousness)

1) Downton Abbey

2) The color red.
3) Butternut Squash anything
4) Under the Banner of Heaven

5) Pinterest
6) Finally having some snow this winter.
7) Chamomile Tea
8) Making my bed in the morning (more accurately- getting into a made bed at night)
9) Liz Lemon

10) Mr. Bates from Downton Abbey

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