Thursday, December 15, 2011

Epitaphs and Yoga cats

Happy Thursday one and all! Here's another yoga cat. This one seems to have more yoga skills than other cats I've seen videos of. Although, he or she must either not have have claws or be very, very zen because if my cats slid down my back like that during down dog it would turn yoga into a blood sport.

Now, I believe that every person has a few phrases they say frequently that define something about them. Like, the fact that I say, "Seriously, you can't talk to me about John and Kate Plus 8 or Toddlers in Tiaras because I will get so angry blood will shoot out of my eyes while I strangle you." or "I could be wrong...but I know I'm right." demonstrates my distaste for treating child abuse as television and my fairness of mind. Or something. Annnnyway, another phrase I use a lot is, "Correlation does not equal causation." That shows you that I have an undergraduate degree in social sciences that I am not currently using. But here's this!

I love a graph that proves my point and makes me laugh while insinuating that mountain ranges cause murders in New York. That is a good time for everyone.

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