Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Beloveds

1) Pre-Christmas Excitement Lists never fails.

As you know, I like to keep seasonal things seasonal. I don't like to get ahead of myself; I want to enjoy November for its blustery in-between-ness, transforming from fall to winter and I love Thanksgiving and want to give it its due between Halloween and Christmas. So I do not watch any Christmas movies or listen to any Christmas music or read any Christmas books until after Thanksgiving. But I do tend to get a little excited to get excited for Christmas. Some Christmas things I can't help but think of before Thanksgiving. I make two lists every November: a list of things I'm going to give or make for people at Christmas and my Christmas list. My parents ask for my Christmas list every Thanksgiving and I'm a big dork about it. I play with fonts and colors and strategize about which category (yes, category: books, dvds, gift cards and miscellaneous) should go where.

Speaking of Christmas lists, one of the items at the very top of mine is non-stick frying pans because I only have two frying pans which are more of the everything-sticks variety and one is teeny weeny and the other is HUGE! Does anyone have a preferred brand? Something middle-of -the-road in expense and quality?

2) Downtown Abby

I'm a sucker for British TV. Especially anything with Maggie Smith in it.

She is so joyfully bitchy. Her scenes are absolutely the best. I've only seen the first two episodes, but the other discs should be coming in through Interlibrary Loan any day now and I can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea and knit and enjoy the (polite, British) drama.

3) The word "gormless"

I love that word. Gormless. Although now I've thought it to much and it's lost all meaning and sounds totally weird. I wonder if you can be gormful? Or what a gorm is? Apparently and a lot of different things, it seems.


  1. I adore Downton Abbey! I have whipped through all the episodes I could get my hot little hands on and damn! If it doesn't get better each one. So good! As one of my friends says, "It's time to watch Downton Abbey. It's time to FEEL the FEELINGS."

  2. Hahahah! I love that! I stayed up too late last night because no matter how much I promised myself I was only going to watch ONE MORE EPISODE I couldn't stop FEELING the FEELINGS! And you are so right: it's only getting better! I love it so.

  3. I'm the same way with holidays - Christmas planning doesn't start until the day after Thanksgiving. I am already getting excited to plan, though!

  4. My brain was trying to sabotage me this morning: I woke up with Jingle Bells stuck in my head, but I quickly banished it! Glad someone else appreciates holidays in their seasons, Alli!