Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Beloveds

1)Song and dance dream sequences.

Something like this:

 2) The Dead Weather

I've known about this band for a while and liked what I've heard. But as I was trying to find stuff to listen to on YouTube while I work I put on a few videos and it just hit me in a certain way. I'm now in full on obsession mode.


The thing that brought The Dead Weather to mind was the preview for AMC's new Western Hell on Wheels. I don't have cable at my house (thus my obsession with DVD's I can get through the library like Moonlighting) so I didn't see the premiere last night. The previews do kind of make my Deadwood-loving heart beat a little faster so maybe I'll watch the show online or when the DVD's come out. But back to the point, the song on the previews for Hell on Wheels had me humming and straining to think WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT SONG until I finally got to a computer and with some creative Googling re-discovered my favorite Dead Weather song:

3) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

It took me 50 pages and at least two zombie nightmare before I decided I liked this book (and that I probably shouldn't read it before I go to bed). It's weird and can be a little jarring sometimes if you're really familiar with Pride and Prejudice but if you're willing to take it for what it is, it's a pretty enjoyable read. There's some gross zombie action, some country dances and gossip, something for everyone!

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