Friday, September 9, 2011

Working Weekend

How to bring the weekend to work with you so as not to get depressed about only having one day off:

-Get a pumpkin latte (go ahead and spring for the biggest size available).
-Ditto bagel and cream cheese.
-Listen to some Dolly Parton.

-In fact, just cut to the chase and play the YouTube mix for Dolly Parton.
-Order a few Halloween movies and books through MeLCat

-Queue some knitting projects in Ravelry.

-Remember these songs exist and thank your lucky Pandora star.
 -Promise yourself at least one glass of wine and one Gary Oldman movie before bed.
You may be Creepy Gary Oldman, but I love you!


  1. I love all of this and NEED a pumpkin latte, STAT. Also, <3 <3 <3 Fake Palindromes sooooo much.

  2. This is all excellent advice. Also, agreed on Gary Oldman. Even playing wackadoo characters in movies like the Fifth Element, he is spectacular!

  3. Thanks, friends! Glad you enjoyed it! Anne, sometimes I think Gary Oldman is at his best when he's all wackadoo, or when he brings a little wackadoo to characters like Beethoven. But even as plain ol' Commissioner Gordon, I am his biggest fan.

    Liz, you get on that pumpkin latte business!