Thursday, September 15, 2011

I still believe in Happy Thursdays

If this video doesn't make you happy, you need some serious help.*
I want to be in this video so badly! I want to be as cool as that tattooed girl hanging out by the piano but I definitely want to be the girl Frank pulls on stage to play the harmonica. Because I lurve him.

Earlier this week I looked at my calender to see two blank, white squares labeled Friday and Saturday. You know what that means? NO COMMITMENTS!  I'm going to cook and read and watch a lot of Mad Men and knit A TON because Applefest is coming right up. I'm also going to buy myself something pretty with my birthday money because my Grandma told me to, and then I'm going to go show it to her. There's also a really good chance I'm going to drink too much coffee, eat a donut, get Mexican food for at least two meals and probably drink some wine (maybe even in a hot tub). Weekend, here I come!

Happy Thursday!

*Ok, try this:

Don Draper, kids. He will cheer you up anytime! (Also, you may have gotten pregnant just looking at these photos. Yes, even if you are a man. And you may be reduced to mumbling, "Don Draper...Handsome...Don...HANDSOME...Don Draper..." for the next hour or so.)

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  1. Weehaw for unscheduled weekends! I love those blank days.