Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday FO's

Phew! Only one FO this week: I've been working on this baby blanket for a couple of weeks now trying to race my nephew to the finish line (for me: binding off, for him: being born). He won by a long shot. My sister's first baby, the lovely Evelyn, took 24 hours of hospital time to be born. My new nephew, Alden, took 2 minutes. 2 MINUTES. To be fair, my sister labored at home for a lot longer this time, but I am here to tell you as a first hand witness that Alden was born two minutes LITERALLY after Laura got to the Maternity Ward. It was completely crazy.

Anyway, I finished his blanket the following Sunday at a family dinner and he got to enjoy it right away:

(His face is less yellow and blurry than that in real life. But it is completely that cute.)

Welcome to the world, baby boy! You have a billion aunties who love you and can't wait to keep you cozy with knitted things!


  1. I love this blanket! The colors work really well together and the chevron pattern is excellent. Two minutes! That must have been nuts!

  2. Thank you, Anne! I'm really pleased with it. The stripes were good for stash busting and I wanted it to look masculine without just being blue or ugly. And chevron...oh chevron. I could write a sonnet about chevron. :)