Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday FO's- Bag Lady Style

Here are the FO's from this week's knitting:*

They are based on this pattern here. They're super fun and fast to make and I think they'll be perfect for beach bags or grocery bags. Not to mention my i-cord and Kitchener stitch muscles have gotten a serious work-out and I am getting good. A few people have mentioned that I should line them with fabric. Which sounds like a great idea for practicality but then again I'm lazy and hate post-knitting construction and don't want to sew.

I have one more of these bad boys on the needles and then I'm going to try designing a few things I have in mind. Mmmmm...designing. I love it.

In addition to designing (seriously, I luuuuurve it and just want to keep talking about it), this weekend I'll be working on some other projects, doing some experimental cooking (stand back), cuddling my cats, trying to sell some of my old junk at a garage sale, and watching the first season of True Blood. And designing knitting patterns (I was going to call designing knitting patterns my non-human boyfriend but then I realized that's hardly an exclusive label. That category also includes: whiskey, my bed, and the fall. Yes, I am in a committed relationship with a season. YOU DON'T KNOW OUR LOVE.)

What are you doing this weekend?

Oh, and here's this:

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I recently took a week off of work and found that even though I've lived alone for a while, when you are home alone for a few days straight things can get even weirder. Also, when I tried googling this video, the search returned a disturbing number of websites about loneliness. I think this video proves that living alone is not lonely. It's awesome.

*I feel like it's time to just admit that I am terrible at taking photographs. Terrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. These were taken with my iphone because I can't find my camera charger (again) and my phone was right there. I would like to promise you, my readers, that I will take some photography classes, buy a better camera, keep track of my camera charger, etc. but let's be honest: I probably won't do any of those things. I know, that's not very blog-savvy of my but I have too many interests competing for my time to add photography. Here's an adorable (but horribly taken) picture of a cat to make it up to you:

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