Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nail polish color sign of deeper mental unrest. Details to follow.

My nails are this color right now:

I bought myself this color as a birthday present last September. The weird thing about my wearing this color right now is that this is the single only nail polish I think of as a summer color. Sure, I tend to wear more pastels in the spring, more dark reds in the winter, but overall, I just wear what I feel. I'm a rebel, you can't fence me in with your SEASONS.

But this color...I don't know. I think because if I wore blue nail polish in the winter it would be too much like my fingers were cold? Or something. And now here we are in this weirdo "spring" in Michigan and it's hot enough that I want to wear my one summer nail polish color. Up is down and black is white, people.

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