Friday, August 12, 2011

I declare thee a Rage Friday!

Rage Friday, it has been so long since I've seen you!

I didn't realize it, but not working Fridays has seriously diminished the possibility of a Rage Friday. I'm sure a Rage Friday could happen on a non-work day, but I'm not exactly certain what that would entail (for details on the origins and descriptions of Rage Friday, please see this).

Now, you can't cause a Rage Friday, but I'm pretty sure I encouraged this one. I woke up a little late and decided to treat myself to a coffee shop stop instead of oatmeal and French Press coffee at work. I hoped the shop would be open (one of the drawbacks of living in a college town when the students are gone is that while it is nice and quiet around town, some businesses aren't open as much). Not only was the shop open, but they had my favorite bagel and bananas to boot (I do love an alliteration)! "I wonder," I wondered as I walked to my car, "Does this constitute the beginning of a Rage Friday? It's a Friday starting with a treat." I also factored in that while I will not be ending up at the Bird tonight (as is traditional on a Rage Friday) I will be at a show watching a friend's band and there will be drinking. "Yes," I thought, "If the circumstances get weirder once I get to work, today just might be a Rage Friday."

When I got to work, another coworker had brought in donuts, there was a TON of weird work to do that shouldn't have occured for a couple more weeks AND it's window washing day meaning that every so often there is a guy starring in at me through my second story window.

Happy Rage Friday everyone!

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