Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things that happen when I'm bored

Yesterday was my pj's and knitting day. So when I got up this morning, I jumped right in the shower and got all ready for a day out running errands. And my car didn't start. No big deal, I thought. I'll just...knit some more. I've got lots of knitting to do! And movies to watch! Not having a car will be fun! I'll call this day, "Snowbound inside a cozy house with all the amenities: the Samantha Minnis story" and Lifetime will be knocking down my door for the made-for-TV movie rights!

Or will they?

Things I've done today:
1) Curled my hair until I put Farrah Fawcett to shame and shellacked it into place.
2) Some laundry.
3) Plenty of knitting.
4) Drank many cups of tea.
5) Watched Pee-Wee's Christmas 2 1/2 times.
6) Talked to Laura and Nan and Jess.
7) Did dishes.
8) Watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.
9) Checked Facebook once or twice (times a billion).
10) Tried starting the car again.
11) Hoped that I can easily fix my car. Worried that I can't.
12) Read a little.
13) Called Laura again.
14) Looked at imdb to figure out who the voice actors were in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
15) Looked at Petfinder for Boston Terriers or French Bulldogs that might need a home.
16) Wrote this blog.

Things I haven't done today:

1) Finished any task.
2) Cleaned the bedroom.
3) Cleaned the basement.
4) Packed for Casey's parent's house.
5) Vacuumed.
6) Any of the organization I wanted to do on my break.
7) Seen another human.

Unless I overcome something soon, Lifetime probably won't care. If I do manage to save a neighbor from an abusive husband or save all three cats from the evils of napping, I would request that Tori Spelling not have anything to do with the Lifetime movie.

Thank you.

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