Thursday, December 16, 2010

If everyone keeps all ten fingers, we call it success.

That was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning. You're welcome.

Last night I taught the last of a 3 week series of knitting classes at JoAnn Fabrics. All day yesterday I was dreading it: I've been tired and fighting a sinus infection all week and it meant going from my 8-5 job right to JoAnn's and not getting home until close to 9. But the minute the students showed up, I was completely re-energized. I find it really rewarding to describe a technique to a student who three weeks ago had never knit before and watch that student successfully cable and make increases and decreases. I love it and I can't wait for classes to start again in January. There were a few nail biting moments last night, though, because a high school girl showed up and for a second I was worried she was a better knitter than me and that  I wouldn't be able to answer her questions, let alone teach her. To make things even more interesting, her mother had been in a quilting class I took a couple of years ago where on the first day of class I almost cut my finger tip off with the rotary cutter. So, you know, not a vote of confidence that she should leave her child with me. Her expert knitter child. Anyway, the kid didn't need much help, but I think she was grateful to be in a group of people who didn't make fun of her for being a big knitting nerd. We had a lot of fun, everyone learned how to cable and no one (not even me) came close to losing a finger. If you want to take a class with me next semester, please be assured that I will at least pretend to be one step ahead of you in knitting prowess (except for you Erica, I know you are my knitting lord and master), and you should be able to leave class in one piece.

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  1. I just read this! I'm a little bad with blogging.

    Anyway, I am, in fact, your knitting lord and master. And you're awesome :)