Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Final Catdown Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Look at what my sweet friend Liz found for me:

Isn't that THE BEST?!

Today is Liz's birthday! If you know her, tell her happy birthday, and if you don't find a random Liz of your acquaintance and wish her a happy birthday! Confusing, but sweet.

Here are a few fun facts about my friend Liz: ever since I put her contact information in my phone (several phones ago) at The Bird she has been listed as "Liz!" Every year, Liz and I go on a major thrifting shopping extravaganza around the same time every year and we call it Friendaversary.  I credit Liz with my love of Belle and Sebastian, my exposure to the only two (or so?) Tori Amos songs I like, and with introducing me to this song:

Liz has the best tattoos, the prettiest hair color (all of her hair colors), the coolest glasses, the fattest cat (I say it with love, Lola!) and the sweetest heart. I love you friend! Happy birthday!

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