Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Good Thursday

This is such a Happy Thursday you guys.

Ok so let's talk about the weather. It is glorious. GLORIOUS I tell you! Cool at night; warm, windy, and sunny during the day! Heck yes! Running is so much easier in this weather and running makes everything better. I'm more productive at work, I'm a happier Sam, and I wake up with gems like this stuck in my head:

Oh, my  childhood, there you are! This wasn't on TV when I was a kid, but it's one of my dad's favorites and he had the entire series on VHS. VHS I say! And my sisters and I watched them all. I was so in love with Artemus Gordon I couldn't stand it. I highly recommend this series: there are a lot of fun James Bond-ish gadgets, disguises, bizarre villains, all in a Western Setting. Not to mention karate style fighting and Robert Conrad splits his super tight pants in just about every episode if you watch closely enough. So, so much fun.

Which is all to say this is basically how I feel today:

Especially after, when looking for this video, I found this one:

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