Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I've missed you!

You guys! Happy Tuesday and Happy New Year and Happy...9:55 in the morning! How are you?! I've missed you, have you missed me? The weather is WEIRD here in Michigan! Rain, snow, thaws, floods, freezes, ice, weird! How's your weather? Is it bad that we've started talking about the weather already? Is this relationship doomed because we couldn't go five minutes without talking about something as mundane as the weather. Oh no! Don't give up on us yet! I think we have more to talk about: I'm hoping to revamp this blog a bit and use it as a way to keep up with my new years resolutions. Obviously, since it's taken me 29 days to make my first blog post of the year, my resolutions are going slowly. Whatever, at least they're still going.

Anyway, while I get my act together for more substantial posts, here are some things I like right now:

I may have watched this movie twice in a row on Sunday. It's just good fun and I love it. Plus, Chris O'Dowd. Cute cute cute.

My friends and I over at Locust Street Crafts had a meeting on Saturday and I got so carried away with loving my friends that I forgot to put a thumb gusset in this mitten. I ripped it out and started again and included a thumb this time. It has three separate cables because I just can't seem to get enough! Everything I'm knitting has cables right now! Cables, cables, cables! However, if i keep forgetting functional parts of things I'm going to have to change that to gussets, gussets, gussets which does not have the same ring to it.

I'm re-watching Parks and Rec from the beginning. What a great show! Every time I get overwhelmed or discouraged I think, "What would Leslie Knope do?" So I've been eating a lot of waffles. Also, how great is this picture?

Since I can't top Joe Biden and Amy Poehler being awesome together with anything this is where I'll leave you. Get ready for new years resolutions, you guys!

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