Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy(ish) Thursday

Since I posted my last Happy Thursday post, a lot has changed. While it's mostly because I've been a terrible blogger, it's also because there has been a lot of change in my life. One change significant to Thursday-love is that I now work Sunday through Thursday, making Thursdays my Fridays (my ThurFridays according to my good friend Tanya) which only augments their "the whole weekend is ahead of me" appeal.

But this Thursday? Not so good, so far. Not awful, just rainy and would have rather stayed in bed, headache that will not be cured by mocha, mom out of cell phone contact when I need her for cooking and life advice, these types of struggles. So today I post not one but two videos for cheering up purposes and to get this Thursday correct!

So get to livin' and doing cat stuff (WHAT?!) like relaxing and stretching and eating and being bossy and nosy. And Happy ThurFriday to us all!

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